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Seelow/Germany, 05. Mai 2010 – Meine Solar GmbH is presenting the first available salary study so far on the market for the photovoltaics industry. For five months, employees in the industry had the opportunity to participate in the online survey ( With this, the participants were asked numerous questions about their existing employment relationship. The evaluation of the extensive data, which has now been incorporated into a study, took more than one month.

Meine Solar GmbH - Photovoltaikstudie

Salaries – A taboo subject in Germany 

The online survey started with the goal of determining the average income of employees in various areas and positions in the photovoltaics industry. More than 2,000 test subjects participated in the salary survey on the actual No. 1 taboo subject in Germany. With around 60,000 employees, who are active in the photovoltaics industry, this corresponds to a participation share of more than 3.33%.  For the first time, this forms the basis for obtaining an overview of the average income of employees from the photovoltaics sector.


Ascertainment of extensive data


On the basis of extensive data, the salaries were determined, inter alia, according to federal state, gender, type of educational degree, age, and according to professional experience, department, function, company size and affiliation. Supplemental financial benefits to the salary, such as company cars, profit participation and holiday pay, are accommodated in a dedicated chapter. The satisfaction of the employees, e.g. according to salary, travel to work or working climate, is also a component of the study.


Excerpt from the results


Depending on the profession, women in the solar industry earn between 18% and 25% less than their male colleagues. Employees in the wholesaler sector earn around EUR 400 less than their colleagues with the suppliers, at EUR 3,000 gross per month (median). Employees from the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate receive the highest salary compared with the other federal states, at EUR 3,800 per month. 5.56% of the participants have a doctorate title, in contrast to which, 21.39% have a secondary school certificate/middle school certificate. More than 20.24% of the employees are dissatisfied with their salary, while 19.74% are satisfied with their number of holidays.


The salary study for the photovoltaics industry is so far the only one available on the market and will appear on an annual basis in the future.


Tools for personnel officers


The still relatively young solar industry constantly provides new jobs and resulting positions for which new employees are envisaged – a challenge for companies, as these people need to be found and won over. Notwithstanding the many existing areas (research, development, sales, etc.), there are no comparison options available for these new positions, on the basis of which the budget for salaries can be determined for a specific job. This complicates budget planning for personnel officers, as there are no comparison options concerning salaries paid by comparable companies in the photovoltaics industry.


The salary study is therefore intended to serve as a tool, directive and guideline for employers and personnel officers. With the salary study, employers gain valuable indications for salary planning and experience the level at which the internal company salaries rank. The correct selection of the financial supplemental benefit to the salary by the employer is also motivating for employees and should also increase performance. "We are convinced that the salary study is an important tool, particularly for employers. Due to the high participation, an approximately representative database is created.”, says Michael Ziegler, Managing Director of Meine Solar GmbH.


The 69-page study entitled “Salary Study 2009/2010: Die große Gehaltsumfrage - Das verdient die Solarbranche wirklich“ [The big salary survey - This is what the solar industry really earns] can be purchased effective immediately in the shop of the Photovoltaikstudie ( Internet portal. The salary study is aimed at all employers, personnel officers, employees and future employees in the solar industry.


The winners are determined – Additional participants sought


After each survey, Meine Solar GmbH holds a prize draw among all participants for great non-cash prizes by the specialist for experience gifts – Jochen Schweizer. The winners of the salary survey are determined and will soon be announced on the website.


Additional test subjects are being sought for participating in the online surveys. Interested persons can register free-of-charge and non-bindingly at Furthermore, for each new registration, Meine Solar GmbH will donate one Euro to support children suffering from cancer to a selected foundation.


Source: Meine Solar GmbH

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